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I think the knob looks too tall too, but the customer is always right!

New Guitar!

Built for Newbury gigging musician Pete Wheeler.

He's named it the 'Filtergrit' (no, me neither!)

Anyway, specs as follows:

Body: one-piece reclaimed Mahogany (chambered)

Neck: as above (very thick profile, chosen by Pete)

Cap: bookmatched reclaimed maple, thicker than usual, again specified by Pete.

Fingerboard: Ebony 14" radius (24 3/4" scale length)

Frets: Jescar stainless (huge) inc zero fret.

Machineheads: Grover Rotomatics

Bridge: Schaller roller

Tailpiece: Schaller, toploader

Pickup: TV Jones Classic No-Ears

Switchcraft barrel jack and CTS mini pot

Oil finish.

Large control cavity for future proofing! (Pete never leaves a guitar alone for long!)

POA for similar.


Mahogany Find! 

A huge piece of reclaimed mahogany has come my way, a single slab of around five feet long by eighteen inches.

Taken from a seventies fireplace surround, so it's dry and green at the same time!

This will be made into two 107E models and two 105E models, all with one-piece bodies.

I also have another piece of reclaimed mahogany which is enough to make into a four-piece body.

If you have any requests for specifications before I get on with them let me know soon.

At the moment the four-piece is destined to become a 105E GT as featured on my home page, the four remaining bodies will be 105Es and 107Es, they may be coupe versions.

The one piece bodies will be shallower than standard by popular request (1 1/4'' instead of 1 3/4'') the GT will be full depth.

They will all have carved tops; probably either maple (normal), spruce (unusual) or mahogany (why not, there's enough of it!) or anything else that turns up.

One half of the mahogany

Marking out.

My mate Steve getting rid of the rawlplugs, screws and other non-guitar-related items!

The second from bottom is the four (and a bit!) piece body, the three above are all one-piece, the bottom one is a one-piece  pictured with the template attached prior to cutting out.