About Us

Lines Guitars has been trading since 2007.

Proprietor Andrew Lines studied for three years at Leeds College of Music.

He gained a distinction on the ‘Strings and Guitar’ course, making a violin and a 00-sized flat-top guitar, ‘The Leeds College’s ND course provided a great introduction to instrument building using traditional methods and hand tools.’

Following the acoustic-based course he gained a distinction on the HNC Electric Guitar course, where he built a through-neck solidbody guitar inspired by a certain liverpudlian’s black and gold instrument as well as constructing a thinline semi-acoustic guitar using a new-old-stock Hofner body from the sixties. ‘The electric course showed us that using power tools for initial shaping and thicknessing and for repeat procedures such as routing pickup cavities does not compromise the definition of a handmade guitar.’

Following the closure of the Leeds department, Andrew enrolled at London Metropolitan University to study guitarmaking at degree level. Gaining a BA with First Class Honours for his archtop and resonator guitars, he stayed on to study at MA level where he was awarded a distinction for his work on alternative construction methods and the effects of different soundhole designs and placements on the carved instruments. ‘A mixture of traditional and modern methods; the basic construction techniques can be traced back centuries, measuring the acoustic properties with a computer program is a slightly newer development! A superb course for anyone who wants a deeper insight into the acoustics, materials and history of an instrument.’

Lines Guitars offers a range of standard instruments as seen elsewhere on this site.